Printemps de la préhistoire à Cambous - 5ème édition A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire 12th ICAZ International Conference

Base de données

This is the new integrated wood and charcoal database with results from Irish archaeological sites.
WODAN will facilitate access to the extraordinary quantity of wood and charcoal data that was produced during the boom in commercial archaeology in the past decade.
WODAN also aims for individual wood specialists to create their own personal on-line archive via MyWODAN.
WODAN is open to wood specialists from other countries. They are invited to create their own archive using MyWODAN thereby allowing cross country comparisons. This project is supported by the Heritage Council under the Irish National Strategic Archaeological Research Programme.

Stuijts I., O'Donnell L., Lyons S., 2012, Cloud-computing in Anthracology - Experiences with the WODAN online database in Ireland, in: Wood and charcoal : evidence for human and natural history, Badal García E., Carrión Marco Y., Macías Enguídanos M. et al. (Dir.), Valencia, Universitat de València - Departament de Prehistòria i Arqueología, p. 291-299 (Saguntum - Número Extraordinario ; 13).

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