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12-13 février 2016

Building new inter-disciplinary frameworks in the Quaternary : INQUA HaBCom Project 1502P




The Reconstructing Prehistoric Hunter-gatherer Mobility project (RPHGM) aims to unite diverse research practices and establish the current state of knowledge regarding prehistoric hunter-gatherer mobility as an essential step to building coherent and robust frameworks for future interdisciplinary enquiry. Research into past hunter-gatherer lifeways in the Pleistocene and Holocene has burgeoned into ever-more specialized areas over the past few decades, with a continuously growing array of techniques of study. The sub-disciplines of archaeology, palaeontology, and genetics have provided new methods of analyses and diversified the types of data collected, but often the fundamental questions under investigation are the same: how did humans organise themselves at landscape-scales, within the spatially and temporally heterogeneous biomes of the Pleistocene and early Holocene?



The main project symposium and workshop will take place in Montreal, Canada, 12-13th February 2016. This event will be structured across two days, with the first focused on individual presentations discussing particular data types, methods, theoretical perspectives and potentials for inter-disciplinary collaboration. Day two will be a roundtable, aimed at discussion between members, exchange of ideas, and in particular covering the first stages of database construction.


Project leaders
Dr. Rebecca Wragg Sykes
Dr. Julien Riel-Salvatore
Dr Suzanne Pilaar Birch


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