13° Incontro Preistoria e protostoria in Etruria "Armarsi per comunicare con gli Uomini e con gli Dei" A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Seventh Conference of Italian Archaeology

Congrès, colloques, réunions


5-7 octobre 2016




Contributions are solicited (but not limited to) in the following areas:
•    2/3/4D data acquisition and processing in Cultural Heritage
•    Multispectral imaging and data fusion
•    Digital acquisition, representation and communication of intangible heritage
•    Material acquisition analysis
•    Heterogeneous data collection, integration and management
•    3D printing of cultural assets
•    Shape analysis and interpretation
•    Similarity and search of digital artefacts
•    Visualization and Virtual Museums
•    Multi-modal and interactive environments and applications for Cultural Heritage
•    Spatial and mobile augmentation of physical collections with digital presentations
•    Semantic-aware representation of digital artefacts (metadata, classification schemes, annotation)
•    Digital libraries and archiving of 3D documents
•    Standards and documentation
•    Serious games in Cultural Heritage
•    Storytelling and design of heritage communications
•    Tools for education and training in Cultural Heritage
•    Experiences and projects in Computer Graphics and CH documentation, conservation and dissemination


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