Merit Awards for Special Programs for International Students = Becas de Excelencia de Programas Especiales para Extranjeros A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire ArkéoTopia recrute un(e) animateur/trice scientifique

Congrès, colloques, réunions


Carlisle (Cumbria)

21-23 octobre 2016




Organised by the Royal Archaeological Institute, in association with the Prehistoric Society and the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society


- Fraser Brown: ‘Mesolithic/Neolithic transitions at Stainton West on the River Eden, North Cumbria’
- Seren Griffiths: ‘The last warriors of the wise race? Or dating the last hunter gatherers and the first farmers in northern Britain’
- Alison Sheridan: ‘A view from north of the border’
- Clive Waddington: ‘The timing and character of Neolithic settlement in North East England’
- Yvonne Luke: ‘An emerging 'Neolithic in the Yorkshire Dales’
- Antony Dickson, Denise Druce, Helen Evans and Gill Hey: ‘New evidence for Neolithic settlement in the North West’
- Al Oswald: ‘Causewayed enclosures of the North’
- Julian Thomas: ‘The early Neolithic monuments of Dumfries and Galloway’
- Paul Frodsham: ‘Recent work at Long Meg, Cumbria’
- Alex Gibson: ‘Henges in the Pennines – Tales of the Unexpected’
- Andrew Fitzpatrick: ‘The end of the Neolithic: Kirkhaugh and the earliest Bell Beakers in northern England’
- Round up and discussion


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