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The Nile Basin : Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology and Prehistoric Environments / Martin A.J. Williams


Williams_2019 [Afrique]
Martin A.J. Williams (2019) - The Nile Basin : Quaternary Geology, Geomorphology and Prehistoric Environments, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 420 p. EAN 9781107179196, 122,00 €.

The Nile Basin contains a record of human activities spanning the last million years. However, the interactions between prehistoric humans and environmental changes in this area are complex and often poorly understood. This comprehensive book explains in clear, non-technical terms how prehistoric environments can be reconstructed, with examples drawn from every part of the Nile Basin. Adopting a source-to-sink approach, the book integrates events in the Nile headwaters with the record from marine sediment cores in the Nile Delta and offshore. It provides a detailed record of past environmental changes throughout the Nile Basin and concludes with a review of the causes and consequences of plant and animal domestication in this region and of the various prehistoric migrations out of Africa into Eurasia and beyond. A comprehensive overview, this book is ideal for researchers in geomorphology, climatology and archaeology. A thorough understanding of events in the Nile headwaters will allow the reader to interpret with greater clarity the work of marine geologists working on Nile deep-sea sediments The book will enable archaeologists to integrate their work more effectively into a broader Nile Basin context.

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