Les restes humains anténéandertaliens Apidima 1 et Apidima 2 : Aréopolis, Laconie, Péninsule du Mani, Péloponnèse, Grèce / Marie-Antoinette Lumley (de) (2019) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Neandertal versus Cro-Magnon / Romain Pigeaud & Eric Le Brun (2019)

Use-wear Analysis on Quartzite Flaked Tools : The Experimental Development of a Method / Antonella Pedergnana (2019)


Pedergnana_2019 [Études spécifiques]
Antonella Pedergnana (2019) - Use-wear Analysis on Quartzite Flaked Tools : The Experimental Development of a Method, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 172 p. EAN 9781527536616, 65,00 €.

Quartzite is a particularly frequently used lithology for knapping stone tools throughout all stages of human evolution. Despite this, however, there is a surprising lack of detailed methodological research on the formation and appearance of use-wear on this type of rock. As such, this book fills in a gap in the research, and proposes a new method to analyse use-wear on quartzite, by evaluating the variability of use-wear appearance on different rock varieties. This book is conceived as a handbook for the application of microwear analysis on quartzite, and is addressed to both students and lithic use-wear analysists. The extreme surface irregularities of quartzite, mainly due to its microcrystalline structure and the diverse orientation of quartz crystals surfaces, have always been regarded as a major obstacle when applying use-wear analysis. As shown here, the use of scanning electron microscopy allows this and other obstacles when observing highly reflective surfaces, such as quartzite, to be overcome.

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