Evolución humana: prehistoria y origen de la compasión / Roberto Sáez (2019) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF The Early Acheulean : Konso, Ethiopia / Gen Suwa, Yonas Beyene, Katsuhiro Sano & Berhane Asfaw (2019)

Modern Human Origins and Dispersal / Yonatan Sahle, Hugo Reyes Centeno & Christian Bentz (2019)


Sahle_et_al_2019 [Paléolithique et Mésolithique]
Yonatan Sahle, Hugo Reyes Centeno & Christian Bentz (2019) - Modern Human Origins and Dispersal, Tübingen, Kerns Verlag, 360 p. EAN 9783935751308, 40,00 €.

Despite consensus on Africa’s central place in the evolution of our species, the emergence of modern human populations and their dispersal out of the continent remain controversial topics. In this second installment of the DFG Center for Advanced Studies Series, scholars offer multi-disciplinary perspectives, reviews, and original research reports on the mode and timing of anatomical and cultural changes in the human past.

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