Técnicas 3D para análisis de funcionalidad y tecnología en prehistoria  = 3D techniques for use-wear analysis and technology studies in prehistory A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Empreinte des climats et des hommes dans les sols et paléosols - Mémoires de nos jardins

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3-4 octobre 2015

International Conference




For the past twenty years, archaeometallurgy has developed substantially, as did the archaeometry of archaeological metals. Regarding the complexity of the understanding, during the excavations, of the sites, structures and data related to ancient metallurgical techniques, experimentation may be an appropriate way of generating new methodologies or interpretations. It can be construed as an effective mean for testing or validating the artefacts and the technical devices. The conference aims at taking stock of the inputs and limits of experimentation in these fields. 


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