Post-doc "Exploitation des milieux aquatiques au Paléolithique moyen en Europe de l’ouest. L’Homme de Néandertal était-il pêcheur ?" A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire 11th meeting of the Gesellschaft für Archäozoologie und Prähistorische Anthropologie (GAPA)

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15-18 septembre 2016


Museo Arquelógico Regional - Alcalá de Henares




The society promotes research into human biological and cultural evolution, by stimulating communication and cooperation between scientists, and raising public awareness and understanding. We host an annual meeting open to registered participants, and we publish the proceedings of these meetings as a series.



The deadline for abstract submission for the 2016 meeting in Madrid is Friday 29 April. Participants must first register for the meeting before submitting an abstract.


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