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Plants and People in the African Past : Progress in African Archaeobotany / A. M. Mercuri, A. C. D'Andrea, R. Fornaciari & A. Höhn (2018)



[Études spécifiques / Afrique]
A. M. Mercuri, A. C. D'Andrea, R. Fornaciari & A. Höhn (2018) - Plants and People in the African Past : Progress in African Archaeobotany, Berlin, Springer, 576 p. EAN 9783319898384 / ebook 9783319898391,

• Contributions/chapters cover famous archaeological sites or regions from the Nile Valley to the Nok Region in West Africa • Covers the current archaeobotanical research on the African continent • Gives insight into different archaeobotanical methods, from the analyses of macro-remains like seeds to micro-remains like pollen • Gives the reader an impression of the multi-facetted research on the African continent There is an essential connection between humans and plants, cultures and environments, and this is especially evident looking at the long history of the African continent. This book, comprising current research in archaeobotany on Africa, elucidates human adaptation and innovation with respect to the exploitation of plant resources. In the long-term perspective climatic changes of the environment as well as human impact have posed constant challenges to the interaction between peoples and the plants growing in different countries and latitudes. This book provides an insight into/overview of the manifold routes people have taken in various parts Africa in order to make a decent living from the provisions of their environment by bringing together the analyses of macroscopic and microscopic plant remains with ethnographic, botanical, geographical and linguistic research. The numerous chapters cover almost all the continent countries, and were prepared by most of the scholars who study African archaeobotany, i.e. the complex and composite history of plant uses and environmental transformations during the Holocene. - Plants and People in the African Past: Themes and Objectives of Archaeobotany / Anna Maria Mercuri, A. Catherine D'Andrea, Rita Fornaciari & Alexa Höhn - Archaeobotanical Study at the Early Dynastic Cemetery in Helwan (3100–2600 BC), Egypt: Plant Diversity at Early Dynastic Memphis / Adel Moustafa, Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy & Rim S. Hamdy - Study of Plant Remains from the Embalming Cache KV63 at Luxor, Egypt / Rim Hamdy & Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy - Farming and Trade in Amheida/Trimithis (Dakhla Oasis, Egypt): New Insights from Archaeobotanical Analysis / Valentina Caracuta, Girolamo Fiorentino, Paola Davoli & Roger Bagnall - Archaeobotanical Studies from Hierakonpolis: Evidence for Food Processing During the Predynastic Period in Egypt / Elshafaey A.E. Attia, Elena Marinova, Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy & Masahiro Baba - Grapes, Raisins and Wine? Archaeobotanical Finds from an Egyptian Monastery / Mennat-Allah El Dorry - The Role of Morphometry to Delineate Changes in the Spikelet Shape of Wild Cereals: The Case Study of Takarkori (Holocene, Central Sahara, SW Libya) / Rita Fornaciari, Laura Arru, Terenziani & Anna Maria Mercuri - The Holocene Flora and Vegetation of Ti-n Hanakaten (Tassili n’Ajjer, Algerian Sahara) / Samira Amrani - The Use of Wild Plants in the Palaeolithic and Neolithic of Northwestern Africa: Preliminary Results from the PALEOPLANT Project / Yolanda Carrión Marco, Jacob Morales Mateos, Marta Portillo Ramírez, Guillem Pérez Jordà, Leonor Peña Chocarro & Lydia Zapata Peña - The Translocation of Useful Trees in African Prehistory / Roger M. Blench - Middle Holocene Environmental Change at Mtwapa Creek, Kenya: Distinguishing Human Activity from Regional Ecological Processes / Ryan M. Szymanski - Multiscalar Perspectives on Holocene Climatic and Environmental Changes in the Sahara and Nile Corridor, with Special Consideration of Archaeological Sites on Sai Island, Sudan / Elisabeth Anne Hildebrand, Elena A.A. Garcea, Assunta Florenzano & Anna Maria Mercuri - Archaeological Deposit in Motako, Southwest Nigeria, Investigated by Pollen Analysis / Kingsley C. Daraojimba, Philip A. Oyelaran, Marcia A. de Barros, Jeanne Cordeiro & Cynthia F. Pinto da Luz - Pits at Pangwari: Charcoal Taphonomy at a Multi-phased Nok Site, Central Nigeria / Alexa Höhn, Gabriele Franke & Annika Schmidt - Mapping Global Agricultural History: A Map and Gazetteer for Sub-Saharan Africa, c. 1800 AD / Mats Widgren - Agriculture and Wild Plant Use in the Middle Senegal River Valley, c. 800 BC—1000 AD / Daphne E. Gallagher, Susan Keech McIntosh & Shawn S. Murray - The Archaeobotany of the Later Stone Age (LSA) in Nigeria: A Review / Akpo Emuobosa Orijemie - Cottoning on to Cotton (Gossypium spp.) in Arabia and Africa During Antiquity / Charlène Bouchaud, Alan Clapham, Claire Newton, Gaëlle Tallet & Ursula Thanheiser - Sorghum Domestication and Diversification: A Current Archaeobotanical Perspective / Dorian Q. Fuller & Chris J. Stevens - A Pre-Aksumite Culinary Practice at the Mezber Site, Northern Ethiopia / A. Catherine D'Andrea, Linda Perry, Laurie Nixon-Darcus, Ahmed Gamal-El-Din Fahmy & Elshafaey A.E. Attia - Microbotanical Assessment of Anthropogenic Impacts in the Ngotto Forest, Central African Republic During the Last Millennium AD / Christopher A. Kiahtipes - Evidence of Sorghum Cultivation and Possible Pearl Millet in the Second Millennium BC at Kassala, Eastern Sudan / Alemseged Beldados, Andrea Manzo, Charlene Murphy, Chris J. Stevens & Dorian Q. Fuller - New Evidence on the Development of Millet and Rice Economies in the Niger River Basin: Archaeobotanical Results from Benin / Louis Champion & Dorian Q. Fuller - Pollen-Based Landscape Reconstruction and Land-Use History Since 6000 BC along the Margins of the Southern Tunisian Desert / Sahbi Jaouadi & Vincent Lebreton

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