L’Aquitaine à la fin des temps glaciaires. Les sociétés de la transition du Paléolithique final au début du Mésolithique dans l’espace Nord aquitain  Aline Averbouh, Peggy Bonnet-Jacquement & Jacques Cleyet-Merle (2018) Actualités Digital Geoarchaeology: New Techniques for Interdisciplinary Human-Environmental Research / Christoph Siart, Markus Forbriger & Olaf Bubenzer (2018)

The First Farmers of Europe: An Evolutionary Perspective / Stephen J. Shennan (2018)


Shennan_2018 [Néolithique]
Stephen J. Shennan (2018) - The First Farmers of Europe: An Evolutionary Perspective, Cambridge, Cambridge university press, 266 p. EAN 9781108435215, 28,00 €.

Knowledge of the origin and spread of farming has been revolutionised in recent years by the application of new scientific techniques, especially the analysis of ancient DNA from human genomes. In this book, Stephen Shennan presents the latest research on the spread of farming by archaeologists, geneticists and other archaeological scientists. He shows that it resulted from a population expansion from present-day Turkey. Using ideas from the disciplines of human behavioural ecology and cultural evolution, he explains how this process took place. The expansion was not the result of 'population pressure' but of the opportunities for increased fertility by colonising new regions that farming offered. The knowledge and resources for the farming 'niche' were passed on from parents to their children. However, Shennan demonstrates that the demographic patterns associated with the spread of farming resulted in population booms and busts, not continuous expansion.

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