Genre et hiérarchisation dans le monde nord-alpin, aux âges du Bronze et du Fer / Caroline Trémeaud Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Le rempart chasséen de Château-Percin à Seilh (Haute-Garonne) : une architecture monumentale de terre et de bois / Fabrice Pons & Muriel Gandelin

Hunter-Gatherer Adaptation and Resilience: A Bioarchaeological Perspective / Daniel H. Temple & Christopher M. Stojanowski


Daniel H. Temple & Christopher M. Stojanowski (2018) - Hunter-Gatherer Adaptation and Resilience: A Bioarchaeological Perspective, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 396 p. EAN 9781107187351, 84,00 €.

Hunter-gatherer lifestyles defined the origins of modern humans and for tens of thousands of years were the only form of subsistence our species knew. This changed with the advent of food production, which occurred at different times throughout the world. The chapters in this volume explore the different ways that hunter-gatherer societies around the world adapted to changing social and ecological circumstances while still maintaining a predominantly hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Couched specifically within the framework of resilience theory, the authors use contextualized bioarchaeological analyses of health, diet, mobility, and funerary practices to explore how hunter-gatherers responded to challenges and actively resisted change that diminished the core of their social identity and worldview. Contents : - Ancient Mortuary Ritual and Cultural Resilience on the Northwest Coast of North America - Persistence of Time: Resilience and Adaptability in Prehistoric Jomon Hunter-Gatherers from the Inland Sea Region of Southwestern Honshu, Japan - Models, Metaphors, and Measures - Resilience among Hunter-Gatherers in Southern California before and after European Colonization: A Bioarchaeological Perspective - The Success and Failure of Resilience in the European Mesolithic - Persistence or Pastoralism: The Challenges of Studying Hunter-Gatherer Resilience in Africa - Hunter-Gatherer Persistence and Demography in Patagonia (Southern South America): The Impact of Ecological Changes during the Pleistocene and Holocene - Biomechanics, Habitual Activity, and Resilience among Southern African Hunter-Gatherers and Herders - Regional Continuity and Local Challenges to Resilience among Holocene Hunter-Gatherers of the Greater Cape Floristic Region, South Africa - Biocultural Perspectives on Interpersonal Violence in the Prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area - Biocultural Adaptation and Resilience in the Hunter-Gatherers of Lagoa Santa, Central-Eastern Brazil - Bioarchaeological Evidence for Cultural Resilience at Point Hope, Alaska: Persistence and Memory in the Ontology of Personhood in Northern Hunter-Gatherers - When Resilience Fails: Fences, Water Control, and Aboriginal History in the Western Riverina, Australia - The Discovery and Rapid Demise of the Sadlermiut - Interrogating the Alterity of Hunter-Gatherers in Bioarchaeological Context: Adaptability, Transformability, and Resilience of Hunter-Gatherers in the Past.

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