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Stone Tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt / Andrea Squitieri & David Eitam


Squitieri_&_Eitam_2019 [Afrique / Études spécifiques]
Andrea Squitieri & David Eitam (2019) - Stone Tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Oxford, Archaeopress, 360 p. EAN 9781789690606, 57,00 €.

Stone Tools in the Ancient Near East and Egypt: Ground stone tools, rock-cut installations and stone vessels from Prehistory to Late Antiquity is about groundstone tools, stone vessels, and devices carved into rock throughout the Near East and Egypt from Prehistory to the late periods. These categories of objects have too often been overlooked by archaeologists, despite their frequent occurrence in the archaeological record. Most importantly, a careful study of these tools reveals crucial insights into ancient societies. From the procuring of raw materials to patterns of use and discard, they provide us with a wealth of information about the activities they were involved in and how these activities were organised. These tools reveal patterns in the trade of both raw materials and finished products, inform us about economic aspects of food production and consumption, cast light on industrial activities, help establish intercultural connections, and offer hints about the relationship between sites and their environment. The aim of this book is to explore all aspects of these ubiquitous tools and to stimulate debate about the new methodologies needed to approach this material. .

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