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The Cycladic and Aegean Islands in Prehistory / Ina Berg


Berg_2019 [Diachronique]
Ina Berg (2019) - The Cycladic and Aegean Islands in Prehistory, London, Routledge, 350 p. EAN 9780415811873, 38,00 €.

This textbook offers an up-to-date academic synthesis of the Aegean islands from the earliest Palaeolithic period through to the demise of the Mycenaean civilization in the Late Bronze III period. The book integrates new findings and theoretical approaches whilst, at the same time, allowing readers to contextualize their understanding through engagement with bigger overarching issues and themes, often drawing explicitly on key theoretical concepts and debates. Structured according to chronological periods and with two dedicated chapters on Akrotiri and the debate around the volcanic eruption of Thera, this book is an essential companion for all those interested in the prehistory of the Cyclades and other Aegean islands.

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