Megalithic Tombs in Western Iberia: Excavations at the Anta da Lajinha / Christopher Scarre & Luiz Miguel Oosterbeek (2019) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF Ivoire : artisanats du Paléolithique supérieur d'Europe orientale / Gennady A. Khlopachev (2018)

The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland / Vicki Cummings (2017)


Cummings_2017 [Néolithique]
Vicki Cummings (2017) - The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland, Abingdon / New York, Routledge, 295 p. EAN 9781138857186, 38,00 €.

The Neolithic of Britain and Ireland provides a synthesis of this dynamic period of prehistory from the end of the Mesolithic through to the early Beaker period. Drawing on new excavations and the application of new scientific approaches to data from this period, this book considers both life and death in the Neolithic. It offers a clear and concise introduction to this period but with an emphasis on the wider and on-going research questions. It is an important text for students new to the study of this period of prehistory as well as acting as a reference for students and scholars already researching this area. The book begins by considering the Mesolithic prelude, specifically the millennium prior to the start of the Neolithic in Britain and Ireland. It then goes on to consider what life was like for people at the time, alongside the monumental record and how people treated the dead. This is presented chronologically, with separate chapters on the early Neolithic, middle Neolithic, late Neolithic and early Beaker periods. Finally it considers future research priorities for the study of the Neolithic. .

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