Sahel: Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara / Alisa LaGamma (2020) Nouvelles parutions hors SPF A Shared Ideology of Death? The Architectural Elements and the Uses of the Late Neolithic Gallery Graves of Western Germany and the Paris Basin. 2 Parts / Eleonore Pape (2019)

Neolithic cave burials: agency, structure and environment / Rick Peterson (2019)


Peterson_2019 [Néolithique]
Rick Peterson (2019) - Neolithic cave burials: agency, structure and environment, Manchester, Manchester University Press, 256 p. EAN 9781526118868, 69,00 €.

This is the first book-length treatment of Neolithic burial in Britain to focus primarily on cave evidence. It interprets human remains from forty-eight caves and compares them to what we know of Neolithic collective burial elsewhere in Britain and Europe. It reviews the archaeology of these cave burials and treats them as important evidence for the study of mortuary practice. Drawing on evidence from archaeology, anthropology, osteology and cave science, the book demonstrates that cave burial was one of the earliest elements of the British Neolithic. It also shows that Early Neolithic cave-burial practice was highly varied, with many similarities to other burial rites. However, by the Middle Neolithic, a funerary practice which was specific to caves had developed.

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