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Short-Term Occupations in Paleolithic Archaeology : Definition and Interpretation / João Cascalheira & Andrea Picin (2020)


Cascalheira_&_Picin_2020 [Paléolithique et Mésolithique]
João Cascalheira & Andrea Picin (2020) - Short-Term Occupations in Paleolithic Archaeology : Definition and Interpretation, Berlin, Springer, 289 p. EAN 9783030274023, 104,00 €.

Table of contents - Introduction to Short-Term Occupations in Palaeolithic Archaeology / Andrea Picin & et al., pp. 1-15. - Use of Lithic Assemblages for the Definition of Short-Term Occupations in Hunter-Gatherer Prehistory / Nuno Bicho & et al., pp. 19-38. - Inside the Palimpsest: Identifying Short Occupations in the 497D Level of Cova Gran (Iberia) / Rafael Mora Torcal & et al., pp. 39-69. - Short-Term Occupations During the Early Middle Paleolithic in Eastern Germany / Andrea Picin, pp. 73-103. - Models of Raw Material Exploitation as an Indicator of Middle Paleolithic Mobility: Case Studies from Uplands of Northern Central Europe / Paweł Valde-Nowak & et al., pp. 105-120. - Take Shelter! Short-Term Occupations of the Late Paleolithic and the Mesolithic in the French Far West / Nicolas Naudinot & et al., pp. 121-146. - Occupying Cave-Sites: A Case Study from Azokh 1 Cave (Southern Caucasus) / Lena Asryan & et al., pp. 149-181. - Short-Term Neanderthal Occupations and Carnivores in the Northeast of Iberian Peninsula / Andrea Picin & et al., pp. 183-213. - A Snapshot of a Short Occupation in the Abric Romaní Rock Shelter: Archaeo-Level Oa / Amèlia Bargalló Ferrerons & et al., pp. 217-235. - A High Temporal Resolution Zooarchaeological Approach to Neanderthal Subsistence Strategies on the Southeastern Iberian Peninsula: El Salt Stratigraphic Unit Xa (Alicante, Spain) / Leopoldo J. Pérez & et al., pp. 237-289.

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