Fouille d’un monument de l'âge du Fer A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Chantier archéologique de La Capitelle du Broum

Congrès, colloques, réunions

9 & 10 novembre 2012

Au programme

- The Road of the Moai, an Interrupted Travelator? / Nicholas Cauwe
- Technological Analysis of the Obsidian Tools (mata'a) / Damien Flaas
- Rock Art of Easter Island / Serge Lemaître
- Prehistoric Agricultural Production on Rapa Nui: Where could it have gone wrong? / Geertrui Louwagie
- Degradation of Resources and Successful Land-Use Management on Prehistoric Rapa Nui: The Two Sides of the Same Coin / Andreas Mieth
- The Climate of Easter Island and Adjacent Areas over the Past Centuries / Juerg Luterbacher
- Starvation or not? Analysis of Skeletons of the Rapanui People (18th-19th Centuries) / Catherine Polet
- The End of the Moai – Did they Fall or were they Pushed? / Paul Bahn
- Easter Island: If no Collapse, what else? / Jan Boersema

Plus d'infos (programme détaillé et fiche d'inscription)

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