Le Conseil général du Val d'Oise recrute un archéologue A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire La Direction des affaires culturelles Aquitaine recrute un conservateur régional de l’archéologie (titulaires seulement)

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as soon as possible
University of Tübingen

Geoarchaeology working group in the Institute for Archaeological Sciences
Project “Late Glacial landscape development and human repopulation of the Ach and Lone Valleys, Baden-Württemberg, Germany"

The ideal candidate should have a completed master’s degree, or equivalent, in the field of geology, geography, earth sciences, or archaeology/anthropology. The candidate should have a demonstrated ability for independent research and experience with working in the field. Candidates with proven experience with GPR, coring, or micromorphology are preferred. Knowledge of German is not necessary, but preferred.

Deadline for submission: 30th November 2012