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London : University College - Institute of Archaeology

The Institute of Archaeology has three PhD studentships available as part of the EUROFARM project (Refs: 1316287, 1316294, 1316302).

The deadline for applications is 8 April 2013.

The European Research Council EUROFARM project, led by Marc Vander Linden investigates the transmission of farming and associated technological innovations in the western Balkans during the 6th and 5th millennium BC through a combination of new data collection (archaeological field work, access to museum collections and literature survey), analysis and modelling. As part of this project, three PhD studentships dealing respectively with archaeobotany, landscape use (geoarchaeology), and lithics are opened for application.
Applicants should be in possession, at the start of the position (September 2013) of a Master degree (MA/MSc) or equivalent in the field of archaeology, or in an otherwise appropriate subject area, plus experience in the corresponding fields. For a broader archaeological training, it is anticipated that the successful candidates will assist in fieldwork activities, as well as interact closely with local colleagues in in the field.

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