Eléments d’histoire de l’archéologie préhistorique A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Les gisements magdaléniens du Jura et des Alpes du nord et leurs industries osseuses / par Romain Malgarini

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29 avril - 3 mai 2015
St. John’s Newfoundland

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Une session de "Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association"
Organizers:  Adrian L. Burke  adrian.burke@umontreal.ca
Christian Gates St-Pierre  christian.gates-st-pierre@umontreal.ca
Université de Montréal
This session focuses on archaeological sciences as applied to various materials and techniques from both prehistoric and historic archaeological contexts. The purpose of the session is to demonstrate how state of the art techniques are being applied to a wide variety of objects and materials today in order to provide an empirical foundation for archaeological research that is focused primarily on social issues. We aim to promote the combination of archaeometric techniques with theoretical questions regarding social dimensions of past societies, especially in showing how the former can provide original, unique, and meaningful information about the latter. Social archaeology is here defined in a broad sense, and includes the sociopolitical, economic, technological and religious aspects of past societies, communities, genders or individuals. The session is sponsored by the archaeology research team Archéoscience/Archéosociale (As2).
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Adrian L. Burke, archéologue
Département d'anthropologie
Université de Montréal
Tél. (514) 343-6111  poste/ext.  51714


February 8, 2015: Deadline for Conference Paper Abstracts