Major transitions in human evolution A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire La bipédie humaine : épistémologie, paléo-anthropologie, métaphysique / Mathilde Lequin

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logo_hugo_obermaierFor the sixth time, the Hugo Obermaier Society announces its research grant of 5000.- Euro.
In accordance with the aims of the Society, the intention of this biennially awarded grant is the promotion of excavation or research projects within the context of Palaeolithic or Mesolithic research. An interdisciplinary approach will be preferred. The endowment is intended to be used for material expenditure. This announcement is addressed to Master students and doctoral candidates who, with help of the grant, will be anabled to carry out their own project. [...]


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Hugo Obermaier Society for Quaternary Research & Archaeology of the Stone Age
c/o Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte
Kochstr. 4/18 - D-91054 Erlangen


Final date for submission of applications is 31st October 2015