Développement de nouvelles procédures quantitatives pour une meilleure compréhension des pigments et des parois des grottes ornées préhistoriques / Marine Gay A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Methodology and Archaeometry : The 3rd scientific conference

Congrès, colloques, réunions


27 juin - 1er juillet 2016





The symposium will be organised by the staff of the SUERC Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, with help from a number of Scottish based archaeologists and scientists. The SUERC laboratory has a long association with archaeology, particularly Scottish archaeology, having worked closely with Historic Scotland for over 30 years. Therefore, our aim for the symposium is to showcase a good balance of current archaeological research that employs radiocarbon and developments in the radiocarbon technique.


Liste provisoire des sessions
- Freshwater radiocarbon reservoir effects in archaeology
- Problems with radiocarbon dating in coastal and island environment
- Statistical approaches to modelling regional archaeological chronologies
- New approaches in the Bayesian modelling of archaeological sites
- Compound specific dating in archaeology
- Radiocarbon dating of difficult sample types
- Precision in radiocarbon dating: getting the best possible answer
- Rigour in sampling: both in the field and the laboratory
- Dating the Neolithic transition
- Human / environment interactions
- Radiocarbon dating in wetland environments
- Radiocarbon dating in arid environments
- Other / Miscellaneous
- Forum
- Sixth International Radiocarbon Inter-comparison (SIRI)


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