Temps, espaces, dynamiques de peuplement : la fin du Néolithique provençal / Agnès Caraglio A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Técnicas 3D para análisis de funcionalidad y tecnología en prehistoria  = 3D techniques for use-wear analysis and technology studies in prehistory

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à partir du 1er septembre 2016
New York University - Department of Anthropology




The department is looking for scholars with exceptional records in teaching and research in anthropological archaeology, specializing in landscape and environmental archaeology, archaeobotany, and/or geoarchaeology. Regional and chronological expertise is open, but applicants specializing in the Old World are preferred. All candidates are expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses.  The successful candidate will be affiliated with the Center for the Study of Human Origins. 


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To apply, please upload a letter of application and curriculum vitae through the following link:



Application deadline is November 15, 2015