ISAAE 2016 « 1st International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt » A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

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3-10 septembre 2016

1.  Quaternary continental deposits in their geomorphological and tectonic setting 
2.  The chronology of Quaternary deposits assessed with different methods 
3.  Radiometric dates and their limits 
4. A pedo-stratigraphic approach for a regional Quaternary chronology 
5.  Biostratigraphy in Europe and Asia and what happens at the boundary 
6.  Major regional subdivisions of the Quaternary in European and Asian regions: toward a common data-base 
7.  Fluvial archives and their correlation


Quaternary sedimentation and Paleolithic human occupation in Armenia and South Georgia


Markus Fiebig
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