New contribution to Geoarchaeology A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire 22nd Annual Meeting of the Association of European Archaeologists (EAA)

Congrès, colloques, réunions


28 août 2016 - 2 septembre 2016




More than 200 session proposals have now been received. We are currently assessing many of them and will publish the accepted sessions as soon as possible.


    T01. Archaeology and Development  9
    T02. Politics  2
    T03. Post-colonial Experiences…..  12
    T04. Archaeological Ethics: Where Are We Now?  10
    T05. Comparative Archaeologies in the Globalized World  17
    T06. Regional Archaeologies in the Globalised World  25
    T07. Education: Learning and Unlearning  8
    T08. The Public, Heritage and Museums  22
    T09. Theory for the Future  13
    T10. Science and Archaeology  23
    T11. Religion and Spirituality  5
    T12. Interactions  9
    T13. The Archaeology of Disaster: Exploring the Past for the Future  6
    T14. Art and Archaeology  11
    T15. War and Conflict  6


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