European Neolithic house and contemporaneous Neo-Guinean House. Toward a material culture theory / par Anick Coudart A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Fouilles de Cozza Torta - campagne 2016

Congrès, colloques, réunions


28 août 2016 - 2 septembre 2016



Une session du 8th World Archaeological Congress proposée par Robin Torrence

Liste des symposiums
- Bones and Society: Integrating Zooarchaeology and Social Archaeology
- Ceramics and Archaeometry
- Births, mothers and babies: a bioarchaeological perspective
- New contributions to geoarchaeology
- Doing Digital Archaeology on A Budget: Application and Development of Low-cost Digital Solutions for Archaeology
- Cyberarchaeology: Simulations, Massive Data and Beyond
- Tools and traces: microwear and residues in hunter-gatherer societies
- Empirical challenges in model-based Archaeology
- Social Archaeometallurgy: The Role of Metal Within and Between Societies
- Workshop on Oxygen Isotopic Dendroarchaeology
- Skeleton keys: How human remains research contributes to our understanding of the past
- Multiproxy Wetland and Lakeside Archaeology: From Constructed Niches to the Anthropocene
- Anthropic Markers of Plant-related Activities: Archaeobotany 2.0
- Holocene Land Use: A Critical Evaluation for Understanding the History of Human Land Use DynamicsPaleopathology in Asia
- Food, cuisine and diet: integrating method and theory
- Multidisciplinary approach in the definition of high-resolution events to interpret past human behaviour
- The Art of Archaeogenetics
- Food, cuisine and diet: integrating method and theory
- Between Foraging and Farming in East Asia: Archaeobotanical Contributions to the Muddle in the Middle
- Social transformation and climate change
- Underwater archaeology using robots
- Beyond the African Burial Ground Symposium III: African American Origins: New genetic technologies, methods, and questions


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