Postdoctoral Fellowship in Artefact Morphometrics A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Teaching Fellow in Comparative Mediterranean Prehistory

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janvier 2017 / avril 2017
Cologne / Bonn




Objectives, issues
The RTG studies economic systems and economic spaces of pre-modern societies in terms of their structure, efficiency and dynamics (genesis, transformation processes through to a potential dissolution) as well as to analyse them in interaction with their respective physical geographical, political, societal, religious and cultural conditions. Dissertations will be focussed along three broad lines of research, ‘Economic Networks’, ‘Settlement Centres and Their Environs’ and ‘Religious Institutions as Economic Units’.


The applicant should have a background in one of the relevant subjects or related disciplines: Pre- and Early History, Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Christian Archaeology, Byzantine Studies, Precolumbian Studies, Ancient History, Ethnology, Historical Geography.


Application requirements
Completed relevant dissertation in one of the involved subjects.


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Closing date for applications: September 15th, 2016