CHER-Ob: An Open Source Platform for Shared Analysis in Cultural Heritage Research A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire The DFG Research Training Group  “Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies” invites applications for two postdoctoral posts

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The appointment begins on 1 February 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.
Aarhus University


The Department of Archaeology, School of Culture and Society, Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship.

We are looking for an innovative scholar with a background in archaeology, preferably with a Palaeolithic specialisation and with strong analytical skills focused on geometric morphometrics. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to participate in project activities including fieldwork, and in activities at the department such as lectures, seminars and workshops. Teaching and supervision opportunities may also arise.   


The successful applicant will be associated with Work Package 2 of the project, which is aimed at analysing the lithic component of selected Final Palaeolithic sites from northern Europe. These analyses will address both primary production components (e.g. blades and cores) as well as finished tools (projectile points and scrapers) using geometric morphometric or related techniques. Guidance will be provided on appropriate site selection and access to relevant material.


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HR supporter Marianne Birn, tel. +45 21 66 58 13, e-mail