Espèces d'ours ! A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Sidérurgie ancienne au Sahel. Archéologie d'un district métallurgique de la fin de l'âge du Fer (Markoye - Burkina Faso) / Jean-Marc Fabre

International Max Planck Research School "The Leipzig School of Human Origins" : PhD program

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The international PhD program brings together PhD students from various scientific backgrounds who select a research topic that falls within the scope of one of three (from 09/2017 onwards, four) disciplines:
- Comparative and Molecular Primatology
- Paleogenomics
- Paleoanthropology
- Human Behavioral Ecology and Developmental Psychology (from 09/2017 onwards)

In addition, PhD students receive extensive expert information outside their chosen topics, broadening their horizons towards potential interdisciplinary approaches. When they graduate from the Leipzig School of Human Origins after three years, PhD students will have obtained expert knowledge, skills, and an innovative spirit to start a successful career in evolutionary research and beyond.


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The next application deadline is: December 1, 2016