Autour de la table : l'alimentation à l'âge du Bronze et au premier âge du Fer = Shall we dine? Food and Diet during the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire À la découverte de la grotte de l'Observatoire

New directions in the Landscapes of Prehistory 2 :Uplands and Lowland

Congrès, colloques, réunions


samedi 4 mars 2017




This one-day conference continues the series of spring conferences exploring new directions in the landscapes of prehistory. Our second session is about topographic diversity and similarity of the uplands and the lowlands in prehistory: are differences in the archaeological record, and in our approaches to exploring these varied landscapes, more than just those defined by topography? From Scotland to the South Downs we range over a variety of different and differing approaches, methods, and interpretational frameworks, all addressing similar questions. Presentations will demonstrate the major impact of both traditional survey methods and recent applications such as LiDAR; examine methods and frameworks for synthesising numerous diverse datasets over large areas; consider the relationship between topography and cosmology and soils and ideology, with the underlying aim of gaining insight into the social, economic and political landscapes that overly the physical. The emphasis will be on new discoveries and on new ideas and approaches to interpreting how past communities inhabited their chosen upland or lowland landscapes.


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