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Early Pottery Research Group

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The Early Pottery Research Group (EPRG) is an international team researching the reasons for the innovation of ceramic container technology in prehistory using bimolecular science (link is external).


Using lipid analyses and organic geochemical methods we have been analysing some of the earliest ceramics in the world in order to determine vessel use. Since 2007 our research has focussed on ceramics from Southern Scandinavia (Denmark, Northern Germany, Poland and Southern Sweden), Eastern North America, East Asia (China, Japanese archipelago, Russia, South Korea), Southwest Alaska, and more recently France, Spain and Portugal. We are, however, not only restricted to these areas and are happy to foster new projects.


- Sampling protocols
- Plant microfossil analysis
- Lipid Residue Analysis


-The Innovation, Dispersal and Use of Ceramics in NE Europe
- The aquatic Neolithic of the Northern European Boreal Forest
- Prehistoric Pottery and Stone Bowls from Southwest Alaska
- First Ceramics of Atlantic Europe: Manufacture and Function
-The innovation and development of pottery in East Asia


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