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UK Archaeological Science Conference 2017

Congrès, colloques, réunions


5-8 avril 2017

Institute of Archaeology - UCL




UKAS is a biennial international conference which aims to bring together researchers from all areas of archaeological science. The conference attracts scientists with expertise in a wide range of analytical techniques including biomolecular and ancient DNA analysis, stable isotopes, mineralogy and metallurgy, archaeobotany, conservation and heritage science, residue analysis, geoarchaeology, and computational modelling.


Research themes covered include mobility, migration and cultural exchange, plant-animal-human relationships, material culture and technologies, climate and environment, subsistence and diet, heritage management, and the application of archaeological science in commercial archaeology.


Scientific Panel
Rhiannon Stevens, Ian Freestone, Marcos Martinon-Torres, Dorian Fuller, Carl Heron, Hazel Reade, Sophy Charlton, Manuel Arroyo-Kalin, Louise Martin, Marc Vander Linden, and Patrick Quinn.


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