Nouvelle méthode de caractérisation des silex et silcrètes fondée sur leurs interactions avec l’environnement A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire UK Archaeological Science Conference 2017

2nd international meeting of early-stage researchers in palaeontology

Congrès, colloques, réunions


19-22 mai 2017
Sigri (Lesbos) - Grèce




The International Meeting of Early- Stage Researchers in Palaeontology (IMERP) is held once again this year, in order to bring young palaeontologists from all over the world together, to communicate their work and ideas in a friendly environment and with a minimum cost. For that reason, we would like to invite under- graduate, post- graduate and post- doctoral researchers in the field of palaeontology in the 2nd IMERP that is going to take place in Sigri (Lesvos Island) Greece.
The Meeting will include oral and poster presentations from the following sessions:
- Micropalaeontology: Ostracoda & Foraminifera
- Palynology & Palaeobotany
- Microvertebrates
- Vertebrate Palaeontology
- Invertebrate Palaeontology
- Palaeoanthropology
Presentations that do not fall into any of the categories above will be included in the General Palaeontology group.


Facebook: 2nd IMERP 2017

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