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Between Economy and Symbolism: approaches to territories in Neolithic Europe

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4-9 juin 2018



XXXII-5 session du 18ème congrès UISPP, Paris 2018,  proposée par François Giligny et Marie Besse


Between tenuous traces and monumentality, domestic objects and precious metals, local usage and long-distance circulation, the boundaries between economic and symbolic functioning during the Neolithic period in Europe are not only constantly moving, but also permeable. During this session, we propose to approach the notion of territory – both economical and symbolic – during the Neolithic period. The aim is to locate, analyse, and identify these territories, to recognise their components, and to discuss how these might be tied in multiple ways to the economical and symbolic functioning of these Neolithic societies. The wealth and complexity of archaeological data from the European Neolithic allows for a finer approach to the functioning of societies and the degree to which they were hierarchised. Territory models, whether centralised or not, centred around the economic territory or with a larger community or symbolic reach, can reveal the social relations between groups. These relations are themselves the result of distinct choices and strategies. We wish, within this session, to see all these aspects of Neolithic Europe brought to light, as well as taking the opportunity to discuss questions regarding the (pre)historic trajectories of societies.



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