Paleoanthropology Society Annual Meeting 2018 A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Stage de Recherche Master 2 « Du  geste  au  stigmate: apport de l’expérimentation à la caractérisation des impacts de percussion en contexte archéologique »

Subsistence Strategies in the Stone Age: Direct and Indirect Evidence of Fishing and Gathering

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15-18 mai 2018
Saint Petersbourg




International Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Vladimir Mikhailovich Lozovski


The following topics will be discussed during the conference:
1. The choice of location and settlement structure as a reflection of the economic strategy. Value of hunting and fishing in a variety of landscapes on the faunal remains.
2. Fishing equipment and tools for gathering based on the typology and traceology data. Fixed and mobile fishing constructions from organic materials.
3. Storage and cooking. Diet in the Stone Age through natural science research. Food residues and seeds of edible plants in archaeological layers.
4. Evidence of gathering in the Paleolithic.
5. Fishing and gathering in Prehistoric art.
6. Ad memoriam Vladimir Lozovski (1968–2015).


Applications for participation should be submitted by November 1, 2017 to, according to the Registration form.

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