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Different times? Archaeological and environmental data from intra-site and offsite sequences

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4-9 juin 2018



II-8 session du 18ème congrès UISPP, Paris 2018, proposée par Zoi Tsirtsoni, Catherine Kuzucuoglu, Philippe Nondédéo & Olivier Weller


The aim of this session is to bring together scholars from the fields of archaeology (from Prehistory to the Middle Ages) and natural sciences (geography-geomorphology mostly), in order to discuss the ”thorny” question of reading time in sedimentary sequences inside and beyond settlements, and its use for a joint reconstruction of past events. It is not always easy indeed to interpret correctly the different lines of evidence and establish solid links between the two records, in order to formulate well-built proposals about their relation - in terms of time (con-temporaneous, prior, posterior) or causality (related, simply coeval, irrelevant). [...]


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