Séminaire Paris-Cambridge : Dialogues épistémologiques = Epistemological dialogues A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Cross-channel connections from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age

Images and imaginary world in the Eurasian Bronze Age

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4-9 juin 2018



Session XXXIV-11 du 18ème congrès UISPP, Paris 2018, proposée par Florent Mathias & Fernando Coimbra


At the start of the third millennium BC, the invention of bronze leads to major changes in societies. New modelling possibilities arise for representations, and with this, new ideologies come, combining figures of power and war with cosmos and nature.
Considering the diversity of iconographic remains known today (such as rock art, tattoos, statues and representative ornaments...), it is possible to outline a synthetic hypothesis about the symbolic universe in which Bronze Age mankind evolved. Nonetheless, the study and analysis of symbols and representations can only lead us to sheer idealistic concepts, based only on fragmentary artefactual remains. The structural polysemy of the image's creation and the absence of textual evidence do not allow a clear interpretation, calling archaeologists to distance themselves from an etic point of view and to adopt the emic point of view of the studied society as much as possible.


This session is open to contributions about images and the construction of the imaginary world of Bronze Age societies, encompassing the whole Eurasian zone, between the end of the third millennium BC to the beginning of the first millennium BC. Case studies and comparative studies, analysis of production settings, support systems and influences at different scales will be welcome, as well as theoretical and methodical approaches bringing a new level of understanding of those iconographic sources.


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