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Post Doctoral Research Associate in Luminescence dating within the Leverhulme “Early modern human African dispersals” project

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Full time post for two years, immediately available from the 1st January 2018

Egham (Surrey)
Department of Geography - Royal Holloway - University of London



Applications are invited for the post of Post Doctoral Research Associate in the luminescence dating of archaeological and palaeoenvironmental records from Saudi Arabia.


This position is for a luminescence dating research associate tied to the recently funded Leverhulme project entitled “Unravelling the pattern, impacts and drivers of early modern human dispersals from Africa” (Short form “Early modern human African dispersals”). The project aims to resolve chronological uncertainties in key EMH dispersal sites, and integrate environmental and archaeological evidence for the dispersal corridors across the principal routes of the Levant and Arabia.


The main responsibilities of the post are:
1. Sampling for luminescence dating in the field.
2. Laboratory analyses of luminescence samples, including the extraction of mineral separates and luminescence measurements on quartz and possibly feldspar.
3. Field and laboratory measurement of environmental dose rates.
4. Assisting with the integration of the luminescence results and the wider elements of the project.
5. Assisting with the dissemination of results in the form of publications and conference presentations, including the opportunity to lead publications arising from the luminescence research.


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Closing Date:      Thursday 23 November 2017