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The Upper Palaeolithic research in Central and Eastern Europe

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4-9 juin 2018




Session XVII-4 du 18ème congrès UISPP, Paris 2018, proposée par  György Lengyel, Jarosław Wilczyński


The development of the Upper Palaeolithic (between 40 ka and 10 ka uncalibrated radiocarbon ages before present) in Central and Eastern Europe significantly differs from that of Western Europe. The difference started already with the Middle-to-Upper Palaeolithic transition and remains pronounced throughout the whole Upper Palaeolithic, as shown by the anomalies in the succession of the archaeological cultures. Recent research projects in Central and Eastern Europe have brought new results to the understanding of the Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer archaeological remains.


Our aim with this session is to call for papers focusing on the understanding of the principles and variants of human subsistence strategies and the roots of archaeological cultural variability through the lenses of lithic analysis, absolute dating, isotopic studies and zooarchaeology, and all fields of Palaeolithic archaeology, which may explain the diversity of the archaeological record.


We also welcome papers that discuss and explain differences between Western, Central, and Eastern Europe with the same scope. We hope to advance sharing and discussing new results and methods from the Upper Palaeolithic of Central and Eastern Europe, which eventually contribute to the understanding of Eurasian Palaeolithic human cultural assortment.


The papers presented in the session are preferred to be published as a special volume of a peer-reviewed journal.


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György Lengyel
Jarosław Wilczyński