CROSSDEM’18 : Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Prehistoric Demography A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Les fouilles du canal Seine Nord Europe / par Gilles Prilaux

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5-8 septembre 2018





24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists "Reflecting futures" - Session #110


Our session welcomes papers from any geographical and chronological context in archaeobotany, ethnoarchaeology and/or experimentation dealing with microanatomical features visible on charcoal or wood and their archaeological relevance. Possible approaches include: anthracological signature studies (vitrification, fungal degradation patterns, radial cracks), characterisation of mineral inclusions or deposits hindering identification, dendrology, morphometry or wood traceology. We will also provide the opportunity for researchers to put their charcoal fragments under a microscope connected to a camera in order to share experiences of microanatomical signatures.


Paloma Vidal-Matutano
Aureade Henry
Yolanda Carrion
Ethe l Allue


Abstracts can be submitted at until 15 February 2018.


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