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5-8 septembre 2018



24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists "Reflecting futures" - Session #502
Theme: The archaeology of material culture, bodies and landscapes



Research on prehistoric architecture has a long tradition as mean of approaching socioeconomic and cultural aspects of human communities. Framed in this context, prehistoric earthen architecture has emerged as a relevant topic in the last decade not only to empirically analyse the material remains founded in the archaeological record, but as fundamental data to reconstruct the use of the space in prehistoric ways of life. This session is a part of Réseau Terre activities, Group working on earthern architecture.
This session is intended to be an international forum to bring together results presentation, discussion and analytical programs on individuals case studies or regional synthesis, related to earthen architecture during late Prehistory in a broad sense of the term (Neolithic to Iron age). Geographically and culturally, the session is open to all researchers working on different regions such as those of the Mediterranean areas (East Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean) as well as continental Europe. It is expected that in addition to descriptive architectural analysis, other methodological approaches such as geoarcheology, geochemistry, bioarchaeology, ethnoarchaeology or experimental archaeology, as well as interdisciplinary analysis, are incorporated.
Altogether, contributions should enhance our knowledge about the identification, interpretation, preservation and restoration of earthen architecture.


Main organiser:
Doctor Miquel Molist (Spain)
Doctor Magdalena Gómez (Spain)
Doctora Marta Mateu (Spain)
Doctor Anna Gómez Bach (Spain)
Doctor Luc Jallot (France)
Doctor Carme Belarte (Spain)
Doctor Julia Wattez (France)

Abstracts can be submitted at until 15 February 2018.


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