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5-8 septembre 2018




24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists "Reflecting futures" - Session #258
Theme: The archaeology of material culture, bodies and landscapes


Peatlands are extra-ordinary archives for understanding prehistoric and historic landscape change and cultural processes. As a characterizing element of many lowland areas in Northern and Central Europe they have long been embedded in socio-cultural life and have undergone a range of natural and anthropogenic transformations. On the one hand, climate change, agriculture and urbanization continues to have a severe impact on many peatlands, some of these processes enable the discovery of and subsequent research into peatland archaeological sites and processes.
In this session we want to address different aspects related to the value of peatlands as cultural and ecological archives as well as the extended insight they provide into prehistoric and early historic life. New discoveries and studies are welcomed that provide insight into (pre)historic landscape, life, and lifeways such as overarching projects that embed archaeological sites within their cultural and ecological context. Threats to peatland related cultural remains (e.g. peat extraction, agriculture and infrastructural developments) and potentials, methods, and possibilities of protecting them shall be addressed. We similarly welcome contributions dealing with topics like integrating public or political actors within archaeological research into peatland sites.
We hope to foster discussions about European perspectives on peatland archaeology and further development of research methods, approaches and standards. The session might serve as a ‘stepping stone’ towards a European agenda for understanding the past and preserving into the future these valuable but fragile landscapes.


Main organiser:
Daniel Groß (Germany)
Roy van Beek (Netherlands)
Benjamin Gearey (Ireland)

Abstracts can be submitted at until 15 February 2018.


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