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Celebrating Our Woodland Heritage

Congrès, colloques, réunions


16-18 novembre 2018
University of Bradford



A national and interdisciplinary conference


This conference will explore key themes which can broaden our horizons and improve connections between all parts of society interested in woodland history, including:


– What an interdisciplinary understanding of past wooded landscapes can offer to the wider fields of archaeology and history


– The challenges of collaborative research across disciplines and different spatial scales


– How community-based landscape archaeology projects investigate woodlands: their methods, contributions and potential


– Open source technologies for community and individual research


Plus d'infos

Please send titles and abstracts (Word format, max 250 words) to woodlandsconference@bradford.ac.uk by 22 June 2018.
Please include the full title of the presentation, the full names and affiliations of all contributing authors, and a contact email address.