Gestion des espaces forestiers provençaux et ligures au Néolithique : approche anthracologique / Janet Battentier A noter / Autour de la Préhistoire Les réparations, de la préhistoire à nos jours : cultures techniques et savoir-faire = Technical cultures of repair, from prehistory to the present day

Energetics of the Hominins : International Symposium

Congrès, colloques, réunions


lundi 11 et mardi 12 juin 2018

Paris - Collège de France




Colloque organisé par Jean-Jacques Hublin (Chaire internationale de paléoanthropologie - Collège de France)


Au programme


- The Expensive Brain: predictions and comparative tests / Carel P. van Schaick


- Brain energetics and the evolution of human childhood / Christopher Kuzawa


- Growing up fast but maturing slowly: a uniquely human pattern of development? / Philipp Gunz


- Born to walk, run and rest: the evolution of locomotor energetics in Homo” / Daniel E Lieberman


- Reproductive energetics in primates / Cécile Garcia


- Neandertal energetic ecology, reproduction, and demography” / Steven E. Churchill


- Metabolic Acceleration in the Genus Homo: Brains, Babies, and Bipedalism” / Herman Pontzer


- The costs of fire / Amanda Henry


- Traces of Fire Use in Pleistocene Europe: Patterns and Interpretations / Wil Roebroeks


- The intermittent evidence for fire in Neandertal sites means they were not obligate fire users / Shannon McPherron


- 40 years of investigation on ancient hominin diets through isotope studies: limits and solutions / Klervia Jaouen


- Partners in chyme: hominin-microbial interactions in energy acquisition / Rachel N. Carmody


- Energy cost and gain from prey acquisition and food processing during the Palaeolithic / Camille Daujeard


- Mitigating the Metabolic and Other Costs of a Largely Meat-Based Neanderthal Diet / John Speth


- Coping with prey seasonal fluctuations: a year in the life of Paleolithic hunters / William Rendu



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