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TRAIL 2018 : Training and Research in the Archaeological Interpretation of Lidar

Congrès, colloques, réunions


29-31 octobre 2018
Postojna (Slovénie)




Lidar and ancient pathways: New approaches to detection and modelling of past movement


The international meeting is open to researchers, PhD students, and professionals in archaeology and heritage management wishing to enhance their knowledge of airborne laser scanning and who are interested in studying past movement and pathways. TRAIL Meetings incorporate presentations of case studies and methods, interactive workshops, poster presentations, and a round table session. They provide opportunities for practical training through small group work. We aim for a 4:1 student teacher ratio in workshops to provide learning opportunities that go beyond basic technical skills. The entire group stays and takes meals on-site at the conference venue. We have an active social programme as part of the meeting, including an international potluck.
This year’s workshops are:

    Airborne laser scanning and deep learning
    Pathways: from practice to evidence of movement in lidar data
    Integrating lidar and complementary data sources


Presentations are in English.


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In charge of organization:
Žiga Kokalj and Benjamin Štular

In charge of registration:
Jernej Rihter and Edisa Lozić



Registration is open until 30th June, but places are limited