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PhD Proposal PATRIMALP Conceptual modeling of cultural heritage artifacts: description, transformation and creation processes

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Offer starting date: 01/10/2018 / temporary-3 years of doctoral contract
Grenoble - LIG & EDYTEM



The Patrimalp project aims at an interdisciplinary approach to tangible, intangible and virtual heritage. Scientists from different disciplines (art history, archaeology, physics, geology, computer science, geography ...) will have to cooperate to construct the scientific tools necessary to describe and analyse heritage art objects (Mohen 1999 ; E-HRSI). To allow us to obtain an interdisciplinary dialogue, some of the challenges are for professionals to understand each other, to define the various objects of study and to agree on the study protocols of these particularly complex heritage objects.

The objective of this thesis is therefore to create a conceptual model to describe heritage objects and the transformation processes related to each object and each element of the object. This model dedicated to multiple disciplines will solve the interoperability problem from one discipline to another.

Thus the model is composed of several elements to represent the different kinds of information necessary for the representation of the heritage object:
- Description of the heritage object with its patterns motifs and ornaments
- Techniques and know-how necessary to create the object
- Cultural and natural environment: description of the context
- Materials and equipment: raw materials, processed materials, altered materials, equipment and tools
- Analysis techniques (diffraction, spectroscopy, image analysis, radiation).


- must hold a Master's degree (or be about to earn one) or have a university degree equivalent to a European Master's (5-year duration), with multidisciplinary interest.
The ideal candidate holds an MS degree in computer science or a related field and is able to consider both theoretical and practical implementation aspects in her/his work. Fluent English communication and interest for developing software solutions.


The candidate should have experience and commitment to work on one of the following fields:
* semantic web technologies, linked data and data integration
* knowledge representations and ontology engineering
* spatial and temporal knowledge representation and reasoning

Letters of recommendation are welcome.


Applicants will have to complete online an application form and send their cv, last diploma, and a short presentation of their scientific project (2 to 3 pages max) via email to BOTH supervisors : Danielle.Ziebelin@imag.fr AND emilie.chalmin-aljanabi@univ-smb.fr


Application deadline: 27/06/2018 (June 27th) at 17:00 (CET)


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