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Post-doctoral Position & PhD fellowship in Geoarchaeology

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Faro : University of Algarve - ICArEHB


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Call for Post-Doctoral Positions

We are opening TWO post-doctoral associate researcher positions in Geoarchaeology.

Both positions will be working under the supervision of Dr Vera Aldeias and will integrate the Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior (ICArEHB) at the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal).

Please see below for specific requirements and submission procedures for each of these positions.

Candidates can apply to both positions


- (Now Open – Deadline January 9 2019)

Post-doctoral researcher in Geoarchaeology for Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Portugal

- (Now Open – Deadline January 14 2019)

Post-doctoral researcher in Geoarchaeology for Investigating Archaeological Fire Residues



Call for PhD Scholarship Position

A position is now open for applicants interested in pursuing a doctoral research in Geoarchaeology.


- (Now Open – Deadline December 31 2018)

Research Scholarship in Geoarchaeology to investigate Pyrotechnology and Site Formation Processes


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Project FLAME
Fire among Anatomically Modern Humans and Neandertals as revealed from Archaeological Microstratigraphic Evidence

  • Post-doctoral Position in Geoarchaeology

A 3-year post-doctoral contract will open soon for a specialist in Geoarchaeology. We are particularly interested in PhD holders with a previous background on the study of site formation processes and archaeological stratigraphy. The candidate will be responsible for analytical work on prehistoric fire remains ranging from the Middle to the Upper Paleolithic. Previous knowledge on the study of archaeological fire features, and a domain on analytical techniques such as soil (archaeological) micromorphology, FTIR, organic chemistry or paleoenvironmental reconstructions are desirable.

  • PhD fellowship in Geoarchaeology

A doctoral fellowship position will open for candidates interested in pursuing their studies on the micromorphology of anthropogenic sediments and archaeological site formation processes. The candidate will receive training from Dr. Vera Aldeias and become proficient in micromorphology and the reconstruction of site formation processes.

Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behaviour (ICArEHB) is a research center based at the University of Algarve (Southern Portugal)

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For specifics and more information, please contact
Dr. Vera Aldeias (vlaldeias@ualg.pt)



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