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The ancient inhabitants of the middle Nile valley: dental morphology and biological affinity across time and changing cultures

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Three-year fully funded PhD studentship for UK and EU citizens
Liverpool John Moores University
- School of Natural Sciences and Psychology




The human skeletal remains (n>2000 individuals) from the 4th Nile Cataract area of Upper Nubia (i.e. northern Sudan), plus assemblages from other regional sites at The British Museum, provide a unique opportunity to explore further the origins and affinities of ancient Nubian peoples. This PhD project builds on a 15-year study by the DoS, Prof Irish, to discern population relationships across ancient Egypt, Nubia, and beyond using dental nonmetric trait analyses; the difference is scope. The PhD will provide unmatched regional detail not addressed before—in this case, relatedness in Neolithic to medieval peoples from an area just several square kilometres in size. Moving outward from this point, comparisons with 1) geographically proximate samples of various ages at the Museum, and 2) those farther afield in Nubia, Egypt, and elsewhere (data from Irish), will spatiotemporally ‘place’ the 4th Cataract peoples within greater Northeast African prehistory. Assembly of these data will go far toward complementing existing Northeast African biological data, and specifically, the affinity of peoples inhabiting these areas and whose material cultures form a core part of the British Museum collections.



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For an informal discussion about this opportunity please email Prof Joel D Irish // for more information.


The deadline for applications is 17:00 on Friday 24th August 2018.


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