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Socio-Environmental Dynamics over the Last 15,000 Years: The Creation of Landscapes VI

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11-16 mars 2019
Kiel University



Call for papers


Social space and natural environment amplify the concept of landscape resulting from transformation processes of human-environmental interaction patterns within the history of humankind. Different layers of human activities are visible in societal fingerprints on the natural and cultural environment. Investigating these reciprocal dynamics includes conditions of different environmental, demographic, economic, social, and ideological settings in global tendencies, regional developments, and local episodes.


A transdisciplinary effort of scientists and scholars is necessary to achieve a better understanding of societies beyond landscapes, which involves substantial changes in human-environmental relationships and the underlying interaction patterns of the past 15,000 years.


The scientific programme of this workshop aims to promote discussion by merging themes that reflect aspects of human development in landscapesas well as different scales of transformations in prehistoric and archaic societies.Therefore, the sessions intend to explore wide diachronic and interdisciplinary spectra: From Lateglacial societies to communities of pre-modern cites, topics on human adaptation and coping strategies, burial rites, residential behaviour, formation of complex networks and past health, and different theoretical and methodological approaches covering social, physical, life, and formal sciences.


Abstracts addressing one or more of the sessions are welcome until November 15, 2018.  The abstracts should not exceed 3500 characters. The abstracts will be published before the workshop; the papers will be printed after the workshop as part of a scientific review.


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